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Monster Mash Ep 14 - How to Monster Up Your Week Part 3

We've reached the end of the road, a breaking point if you will for the collaboration of Erik and Lizard on Monster Mash. The duo runs us through the creation of a mystery as they build The Banshee's Scream, a MOTW campaign you can play after listening to this episode. 
And then next week...
You, the listener will enter... the Breaking Point. Tick Tock, tick tock.

Monster Mash Ep 13 - How to Monster Up Your Week Part 2

Once again Lizard and Erik take a trip down the road ofteaching how to play Monster of the Week as they plan for big things in Dungeons and Pop's future! Learn more about weapon types, leveling up and the occasional advanced move in this episode. Lizard's cold caused parts of this to be rougher then I liked but it turned out pretty decently I think.

Monster Mash Ep 12 - How To Monster Up Your Week Part 1

Hello Listeners!
We have another installment of Monster Mash with Erik sitting in for Storm as he and Lizard go over the Monster of the Week system, an offshoot of Powered by the Apocalypse. This is a part 1 of 2 as they go over the mechanics of the system. Listen carefully and you might notice a surprise announcement during the episode!

Monster Mash Ep 11 - Blood and Ice: A MOTW Dating Simulator Arc

Hey y'all! Lizard with Special Guest Erik is going to spook you with some holiday-related homebrew creation today with a Monster of the Week arc. :) Don't want to give away too many spoilers here but it's kind of also a valentines in october kind of episode as well.

Monster Mash Ep 10 - Curses and Cursed Items

Lizard and Storm take on curses and cursed items in this episode of Monster Mash, such as the Reverse Vorpal Sword and the Gauntlets of Gi-Ant Strength!
P.S. We're working on the issues with Storm's audio for future references, talked to Lizard about alternatives. Did the best I could on this episode.

Monster Mash Ep 09 - Airships and Tarrasques

Lizard and Storm present their preliminary concept on how to handle airship battles and usage in your DND game. Includes a special encounter with a certain type of airship that has to be heard to be believed! 

Monster Mash Ep 08 - The Representative

Join Lizard and Storm as they discuss a new type of warlock for your listening pleasure. Sometimes an entity doesn't have enough Magic to be a warlock patreon for a number of people... so they choose a Representative.

Monster Mash Ep 07 - Laser Luis’s Dire Creatures

A special episode which deserves some thanks to Lasers and Liches Design Laser Luis!
He has given us the the ok to look at his many creations and figure out some traits for such monsters as the Dire Platypus, Dire Moose and much much more!
Stay tuned after the episode for an announcement about our publishing schedule and a new member joining the cast of our podcast.

Monster Mash Ep 06 - Welcome to Aerlandys

On today's Monster Mash, Storm and Lizard talk to Special Guest EriK from Adventurers with Attitude about his current attempt to homebrew a private campaign in the land of Aerlandys and go over some of the steps to making your own world for DnD play as well as discuss his ideas.

Monster Mash Ep 05 - Mimic House

Lizard and Storm try a new format where they make a monster and an adventure in one! The first edition of Monster Mash Settings brings our makers to the most horrible thought of all. What if it wasn't a chest or chair or weapon trying to eat you but the very house you bought for a lark Omnomnom? 

Monster Mash Ep 04 - Dire Barracuda or Welcome to Korp’ulance

This Monster Mash is a bit more mismatched as Lizard, Storm, and Special Guest Erik build a monster for my private Campaign Korp'ulance as well as talk a little bit about the setting. Introducing the Undead Dire Clockwork Barracuda, menace of the high seas! As a side note, moving forward episodes will be posted weekly so I don't burn myself out.

Monster Mash Ep 03 - Building a Better Monstrosity

The latest Monster Mash in which Storm and Lizard strive to Build a Better Monstrosity. They touch on such classics as the Owlbear and introduce players to a new form of monster!

Monster Mash Ep 02 - The Bouncer

Lizard and Storm talk out their latest creation the Bouncer for all your survival horror style arc needs! An unrelenting beast to be fair.

Monster Mash Ep 01 - Nuklavee

Sean and Newcomers Lizardwizard and Storm discuss the monster making process as they bring the legendary Nuklavee to #homebrew DND life.

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