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Soda Break:It’s a Crapple, guys!

DM Sean along with Players Erik, Mike, and Syd discuss a few of their favorite moments as DMs and as Players while we wait for the resources needed for the play part of our podcast. Subjects include both funny and awesome moments, including a truly hilarious police civil war started in a Kids on Bikes game Erik and I play in, Syd's necromancer having Family Matters and the time Mike broke a spell so bad it bent reality!

Monster Mash: Nuklavee

Sean and Newcomers Lizardwizard and Storm discuss the monster making process as they bring the legendary Nuklavee to #homebrew DND life.

Monster Mash:The Bouncer

Lizard and Storm talk out their latest creation the Bouncer for all your survival horror style arc needs! An unrelenting beast to be fair.

Tales of the Untold - Backhistory Part 1

A second Play Podcast that will be a part of the Dungeons and Pops verse using the Monster of the Week System!
This and the next few episodes are backhistory segments to develop the characters before plopping them into the mystery.
Keeper Syd leads our 17th century plucky two T.E.X.A.N.S. into a town down by the Loch.
Everett finds himself bewildered by the insanity of Richards.
Lazlo confronts his family's mat.
Lucretia meets a boy.

Monster Mash - Building a Better Monstrosity

The latest Monster Mash in which Storm and Lizard strive to Build a Better Monstrosity. They touch on such classics as the Owlbear and introduce players to a new form of monster!

Soda Break - To Be Fair That Baby Was a Maggot

A new Soda Break with Monster Mashers Storm and Lizard as we talk about Monster of the Week and our experiences with it.

Adventurers with Attitude - Setting up Roots

The adventure begins for our soon to be Henshins!
Marcus looks into something for a old friend.
Thebesi struggles with Dog and Squirrels relations.
Bryce struggles with popularity.

Monster Mash - Dire Barracuda or Welcome to Korp’ulance

This Monster Mash is a bit more mismatched as Lizard, Storm, and Special Guest Erik build a monster for my private Campaign Korp'ulance as well as talk a little bit about the setting. Introducing the Undead Dire Clockwork Barracuda, menace of the high seas! As a side note, moving forward episodes will be posted weekly so I don't burn myself out.

Adventurers With Attitude - Thats Another Perception Check

In the next episode of Adventures with Attitude, we find our plucky young adventurers confront the potential danger before them as they investigate their lead.
Marcus steels his will and finds the warrior buried inside.
Thebesi deals with a power player.
Bryce defers to royal decree.

Adventurers with Attitude - That One Time with the Goblin Lady in the Inn!

Our adventurers move forward in the investigation of the Well of Evil. The Restless never stop moving and neither can our heroes if they hope to keep up.
Marcus lays down his sword.
Thebesi takes a hit.
Jarod gets ready to rock.
*Attention Listeners*  We're trying something new with this episode. We recorded an intro and an outro with our new recording equipment that we didn't have when the contents of the episode was recorded. Going forward all episodes will be with the new equipment. 

Adventurers With Attitude - You’re a Henshin, that’s your Partner!

Things get from bad to worse as Marcus's greatest fears come true. Bonemeister and his army have been released from the Spike of No Dice and there are no true henshin left to fight... or is there?
Thebesi rolls with the situation as she suits up.
Marcus follows his gut and outstretches a hand.
Bob takes a chance on the kindness of strangers.

Adventurers with Attitude - Is It Down Yet?

As our heroes race to the museum, a new ally and a new threat raise their heads! Can these three henshin work as a team or is this adventure doomed to an early end?
Thebesi's got a gun.
Marcus shows his true potential.
Devouranger Indigo shows her face.
**Next week will be a skipped week then we should return the following Tuesday**

Adventurers With Attitude - I Learned It from You

Our mixmash team of henshins have managed to survive the battle before them... but now they must mend the wounds of the past if they're ever going to work together.
Thebesi extends a hand to the unknown.
Marcus shows his colors as a Red Henshin.
Gabbi finds something she never expected: Friendship.

Monster Mash - Mimic House

Lizard and Storm try a new format where they make a monster and an adventure in one! The first edition of Monster Mash Settings brings our makers to the most horrible thought of all. What if it wasn't a chest or chair or weapon trying to eat you but the very house you bought for a lark Omnomnom? 

Quick Announcement

I am slowly going back and remastering the older episodes. I'm using new editing techniques I learned to smooth out the audio as well as remove the anchor ads which didn't sync up as well as adding new outro and intro music. Just wanted to give you all the heads up. Everything after the episode below has already gone through these techniques more or less.
So far it is the following (list to change as I edit more):
You're a Henshin, It's Your Partner!

Monster Mash - Welcome to Aerlandys

On today's Monster Mash, Storm and Lizard talk to Special Guest EriK from Adventurers with Attitude about his current attempt to homebrew a private campaign in the land of Aerlandys and go over some of the steps to making your own world for DnD play as well as discuss his ideas.

Monster Mash - Laser Luis’s Dire Creatures

A special episode which deserves some thanks to Lasers and Liches Design Laser Luis!
He has given us the the ok to look at his many creations and figure out some traits for such monsters as the Dire Platypus, Dire Moose and much much more!
Stay tuned after the episode for an announcement about our publishing schedule and a new member joining the cast of our podcast.

Soda Break - A Wild Johnny Appears From the Grass!

In today's Soda Break, we welcome a new player in Syd's brother Johnny! This one was a bit more off topic as Johnny acclimated himself to the group but it includes such topics as: How would a Cleric kill it's God, Damn it Barry Allen, and A Seeing Eye Chimera. 

Unfortunate News

Hello listeners.
Next week's episode will be a monster mash, not the first episode of the Halloween special. Unfortunately currently locked out of my apartment in AZ heat. The first part requires extra editing I no longer have time to finish by Tuesday.

Important Announcement for August

Our release schedule is going to be spotty this month. My and Syds families are dealing with seperate emergencies which are preventing our ability to record.

In addition, I have not had the time to properly edit the Halloween Special. It requires more work than usual as a player has a bad connection that caused roboting so we have to re record their lines.

At the worst I would say for the next 4 weeks top, expect a monster mash or soda break every two weeks. When we can record an actual play episode, it will be an AwA episode next.

I apologize for the inconvenience, we were trying to get ahead but luck was not with us...

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