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The Cast

May 8, 2020

Sean has done many things in his life as a nerd with a lot of free time and a perchance for misadventures. After a few attempts at writing and participating in fan projects like the Allspark RID Profile Project, he's settled on working on this podcast. Past misadventures include guarding wil wheaton at Phoenix Comicon on the premiere of Brave and The Bolds ted kord episode, being seinfelded by Kevin Smith, and accidentally killing a charity stream.

He currently works customer service as well as editing and writing Adventurers with Attitude as well as playing Dallas Richards on Breaking Point.

Erik is a writer with a humble personality (according to the rest of the cast) who is working on several projects outside of the podcast, though they are still in various levels of completion. He is generally surprised by how many people enjoy his work on a daily basis.

He has branched from being a simple player on the podcast in several ways which includes writing the Breaking Point campaign, learning to edit, and is currently a player in the Namegivers podcast. He is also an avid Transformers Nerd.

Raz wasn't planning to join an actual-play podcast. She might not be sure how she got here, but she now enjoys playing Nessa in Breaking Point! She also edits audio and does art for the pod sometimes.

When she's not slaying monsters with her friends, Raz can be found working on her biomedical engineering degree, drinking boba, or bopping to ABBA. 


Lizard, writer, transmutation wizard and Mad Genius. I'm the resident mad inventor who makes lots of crazy creatures for fun and leisure. I play Jezz and occasionally provide advice for the stories. it's my personal hobby to make the most terrifying and funny creatures possible in the rawest homebrewe I can manage.

Bryan Yoho is a nerd, ex-video gamer, and full of shenanigans. He does voices, crafting potions, and fighting evil in his spare time and is writing a D&D storyline to make a campaign of his own. He has played in many campaigns(often being the cause of shenanigans and misadventures). He plays a character on an upcoming adventure.

When he isn't causing shenanigans or going on adventures he is currently taking care of his grandmother but was a attractions cast member at a theme park. And he is about to start going to school for his associates in Early childhood education