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Breaking Point Ep 17 - It’s A Good Thing You Burnt That Luck Point

March 31, 2021

The party makes its final stand against the evils of undeserved tenure run amok.
This is it, the final countdown as the school bell rings twice for the reaper...
Polly cons a genius.
Nessa faces her arch-enemy.
Jez plans an arson.
Dallas has a deadly face to face with evil.

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Cover Artwork by:Razberrybi
Songs in this episode:
New Pre-Roll Music by Sean O'Dell
The Case Of the Head Crabs by Sean O'Dell
Weird Science? by Sean O'Dell
The Monster Within Revealed by Sean O'Dell
Is Planning Arson A Crime? by Sean O'Dell
Introduction of The Doctor by Sean O'Dell
Dallas Last Stand Vs The Forces Of Evil by Sean O'Dell