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Guest-elheim One-Shots - Snow Gloom Ep 04 - Molding the Future

-edit- fixed volume issues with first part of episode.
As the Mystery Gang continues investigations, a unusual clue leads them in a surprising direction as this rash of robberies turns into a fight for their culprits life.
Spanner finds himself recruited into the Lux Initiative. 
Addison offers a hand to a fellow creation.
Lux leaves on a new Adventure filled with a positive Attitude.

Warning: This episode deals with depression and destructive thoughts.

This is the final episode of Dungeons And Pop for 2020. New episodes will return the first week of 2021 with new episodes of Adventurers With Attitude and other shows new and old.

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Songs in this episode:
2021 Guest-elheim Intro by Sean O'Dell
Announcement Music 2 by Erik Segerstrom
Planning Chatter by Erik Segerstrom
Saving a Drowning Soul by Sean O'Dell
Sad 1 by Erik Segerstrom
Goodbye For Now by Erik Segerstrom

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