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Breaking Point Ep 08 - Well That Was Not Fun On My Throat

Our band of monster hunters are about to deal with a whole lot of trouble as the final question is answered. Can they deal with the complications or will this be their end?
Nessa fires true.
Polly takes a swing.
Jez tries to obscure the truth.
Dallas turns a failure into a success.
Promo is Thornvale!

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 17 - You Cannot Take the Tiefmobile

Our Hodgepodge Henshin Team starts gathering allies in preparation to their trip to Nidoko. Questions are answered and names are dropped as they gather in Healy's bar, old and new friends getting involved.
Makali fights 1st Person Perspective.
Thebesi recruits a healer.
Marcus defers to an old friend.
Keelta answers the call.

Season 1 Finale
Special guest star Susannah of Thornvale!
Promo: Rolling Misadventures
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Adventurers With Attitude Ep 16 - The Trust Blanket

A child wakes up and the Hodge Podge Henshin team start to consider options of how to proceed with their plans to return them home. Questions are answered and mothers rage over their children's rash choices. 
Marcus makes a call.
Thebesi is impressed by a child.
Myski checks her privilege.

Also includes our first podcast promo from Microphones and Monsters!

Music by Erik Segerstrom.
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