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Breaking Point Ep 07 - Because I Have A Habit Of Snapping Ankles

-UPDATE- Lizards Audio Fixed

As our hunters enter the woods, tensions rise as they realize they may not be the best equipped for the situation. Will the local wildlife end our hunters careers before they meet the monster?
Polly misses his gun.
Jez is assaulted by nature.
Dallas gives himself a panic attack.
Nessie investigates a mystery.

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 15 - Marcus Has Concerns

The mixmash henshin team formed out of Assimar Grove find them with an unconscious changeling girl and choices to be made. As they discuss the past, plans are made for the future and a bond is strengthened and solidated.
Marcus finds a team that stands behind him.
Thebesi has questions answered.
Gabbi refuses to forget.
"General Dialogue Music" By Sean O'Dell
Echoing has been fixed!

Breaking Point Ep 06 - You Sure You’ve Got The Stomach For This

As the team contemplates their actions, new revelations bring concerns to the forefront. Our team of investigators find their limits pushed as the reality of what they face and who they face it with comes undone. 
Jez does the time warp.
Dallas goes full MacGyver.
Nessie pierces the veil.
Polly makes the hard call.

Music by Erik Segerstrom
Trigger Warnings: Descriptions of Grievous Neck Injuries and Alternative Description of Religious/Mythological Figures

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 14 - The Roof Is Coming Down On This Musician

Special Patrol Delta has their hands full as they make battle with the abomination that is the Were Dire Jigglypuff. New abilities are revealed as the two Korp'ulance Henshin and their new friend try to save the captured civilians of Nidoko.
Sid rocks out to the best of his abilities.
Aerryn pulls a finisher move.
Ricochet gets close and personal with her Xord.
Special Guest Steph The DM~
"Electric Battlelo" (The Dire Jigglypuff Theme) by Sean O'Dell
"Goodbye for Now" (Arc Epilogue Music) by Erik Segerstrom

Breaking Point Ep 05 - What’s Being Concealed Here? A Dead Body. Damnit!

The party makes its way to a crime scene as the danger unfolds. Can they figure out what's going on before they end up in a jail cell?
Polly offers his hot buns to the law.
Dallas fails an intelligence check.
Nessie makes a dinner date.
Jez gets the sheriff hot under the collar.
Editing by Arcel, Music by Erik Segerstrom
Trigger Warnings:Description of Dead Bodies

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