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Soda Break - Announcements and Dying to Go To Summer Camp

We've had some delays in your regularly scheduled program, but we also have a treat for loyal listeners. With some minor editing, we are releasing the first part of the 4th of Ghouly Special using Lasers and Liches Halloween special. Erik's audio is a little rough, but it's a fun old time as Lizard, Johnny, Sid, and Erik try to survive the trials of a haunted summer camp.
We are hoping to have next episode of Breaking Point release next week.
You should also check out our friends at Thornvale, Rolling Misadventures, Role Less Taken, and Shadows of Saint Fleur for additional fun content!

Soda Break - We’ve released the Craig-Ken!

Sean and Erik addresses the listeners about what's been going on behind the scenes as well as tease a few things yet to come. Breaking Point will come later this week with potential additional delayed releases for the next few weeks due to moving. We also touch on some new things to come!
Special thanks to the Castjunkie Server and the friends we've made there!
Music by Erik Segerstrom

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 13 - Bunny and the Boneman

Questions are answered as Aerryn interrogates the Death Metal Ranger in their midst. The party is seperated due to ideology differences as the trio split up and go their seperate ways to try to find the source of the disappearances.
Ricochet finds a new partner.
Sid craves the release of death.
Aerryn makes an entrance.
(Apologies if theres anything missed in editing, let me know and I will fix and reupload)
Theme by Erik Segerstrom
Ending Music by Sean O'Dell

Breaking Point Ep 04 - Something about the Human Condition. Also on Fire!

Our intrepid hunters start making plans for the day even after the horrifying news of the previous night. As they decide on their actions going forward, tension rises between two of the hunters as not everyone trusts what they see in the others. Can the party take a step forward or will they languish in their lack of trust?
Dallas prays in the kitchen.
Polly weighs in on family business.
Jez offers a peace offering.
Nessie pockets some evidence.
Editing by Arcel, Music by Erik Segerstrom
Trigger Warnings: Discussion of Social Norm, True Names

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