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Adventurers With Attitude Ep 12 - He’s Got a Nice Big Hammer, What’s not to Like?

-Arcels Audio Fixed-
Disappearances are amiss and the Special Patrol Delta team is on the case! Speed Henshin Aerryn and Power Henshin Ricochet are joined by a very edgy skeleton as they start their investigation in Nidoko. Can our heroes work together even as they keep secrets from each other?
Aerryn takes a swing at the bootleg industry.
Ricochet invites a friend.
Sid gets ready to rock.
Theme by Erik Segerstrom
Fight Music by Sean O'Dell

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 11 - Is That A Mushroom Cloud?

On a very special Adventurers with Attitude, we take a different look at the dreadful day the Spike of No Dice broke open and the days afterwards! Deputies Ricochet and Aerryn, both Henshins under the mentorship of Patrick the Goddamn Dire Machinist, find themselves with a bonafide mystery as they race to find out the source of the dreaded pillar of darkness seen from a -continent- away.
Ricochet has some apples.
Aerryn intimidates some sea races.
Patrick struggles to keep up.
Sid hears a who?
Special Guest Star Steph, DM of Natural Fun!
Aerryn Theme and new AwA theme by Erik Segerstrom
Ricochet Theme and AwA outro theme by Sean O'Dell

Breaking Point Ep 03 - Getting A Head in Life

Welcome to Copseburgh, NY! We're known for our beautiful orchards and apple picking during the fall, and our lake with its prime fishing in the summer.
But not all is well as our Hunters: Dallas (played by Sean), Vanessa (played by Raz), Jez (played by Lizard) and Polly (played by Arcel) soon find out.
Death visited the town in the night as Jez recives an early morning, unannounced, but not unwelcome, visitor with a message from their Boss; Polly and Dallas get their hands dirty handling some dough and hot buns, and Nessa raids the coffee and day-olds for breakfast... and then they hear the news on the morning radio.

Editing by Arcel, Music by Erik Segerstrom
Trigger Warnings: Blood, Horror Imagery, Depiction of Death

Breaking Point Ep 02 - Session 0 Part 2

Greetings listeners!
Welcome to part 2 of Session 0, introducing our 4th hunter played by the wonderful Raz who also edited this episode. :) We find out about the conspiracies of the Mermaids teaming up with the Aliens as we talk about the conspiracy theorist/food blogger Nessa! In addition, we get a feel about how everyone feels about their roommates at Polly's bakery. 

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