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Breaking Point Ep 01 - Session 0 Part 1

Hello Listeners! 
It's finally happened... Erik's running a campaign. We invite you to look into the Breaking Point, a Monster of the Week monthly delivered campaign by the folks that have brought you Adventurers with Attitude. We hope you enjoy the show, Lizard's Audio will be improved greatly by Episode 1. 
Jezzarieal listens to the homeless.
Dallas suffers an assault from the Untold.
Polly gets rid of carpets for his father.

Monster Mash Ep 14 - How to Monster Up Your Week Part 3

We've reached the end of the road, a breaking point if you will for the collaboration of Erik and Lizard on Monster Mash. The duo runs us through the creation of a mystery as they build The Banshee's Scream, a MOTW campaign you can play after listening to this episode. 
And then next week...
You, the listener will enter... the Breaking Point. Tick Tock, tick tock.

Monster Mash Ep 13 - How to Monster Up Your Week Part 2

Once again Lizard and Erik take a trip down the road ofteaching how to play Monster of the Week as they plan for big things in Dungeons and Pop's future! Learn more about weapon types, leveling up and the occasional advanced move in this episode. Lizard's cold caused parts of this to be rougher then I liked but it turned out pretty decently I think.

Monster Mash Ep 12 - How To Monster Up Your Week Part 1

Hello Listeners!
We have another installment of Monster Mash with Erik sitting in for Storm as he and Lizard go over the Monster of the Week system, an offshoot of Powered by the Apocalypse. This is a part 1 of 2 as they go over the mechanics of the system. Listen carefully and you might notice a surprise announcement during the episode!

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