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Soda Break - Announcements Around the Cooler

A mini-sode updating everyone on what's going on with the Podcast and the schedule going forward. We also introduce our new player Arcel and our special friend the talented Steph the DM who will be an reoccuring guest player in Adventurers in Attitude as well as talk about their own podcast Natural Fun. Topics include a delicious frosted treat that's devouring your house, my inability to tell the difference between twice a week versus twice a month and ongoing attempts at a proper theme song.
Thirsty for content? Natural Fun has a new episode coming out on the 29th you should definitely check out!

Monster Mash Ep 10 - Curses and Cursed Items

Lizard and Storm take on curses and cursed items in this episode of Monster Mash, such as the Reverse Vorpal Sword and the Gauntlets of Gi-Ant Strength!
P.S. We're working on the issues with Storm's audio for future references, talked to Lizard about alternatives. Did the best I could on this episode.

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