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Adventurers With Attitude Ep 08 - You Wouldn’t Be Much Of An Alchemist If You Poisoned Yourself

Marcus and Thebesi's quest to find a tutor for their young friend reveals new dangers and people to save. The truth of what happened comes to light even as Gabbi gains new addictions. 
Thebesi learns of family betrayal.
Marcus brings a friend a slice.
Bob confesses his sins.

Monster Mash Ep 09 - Airships and Tarrasques

Lizard and Storm present their preliminary concept on how to handle airship battles and usage in your DND game. Includes a special encounter with a certain type of airship that has to be heard to be believed! 

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 07 - Medic of the Pepper

Our heroes take a little down time to prepare for the adventure ahead as Assimar Grove recovers from the horror which happened. Marcus introduces his friends to the nicest ghoomblin you'll ever meet as the group dines at Tony's Pizzeria. There's problems to be fixed but even a veteran soldier needs some down time.
Marcus weighs his choices.
Thebesi defies the laws of Pizza.
Gabbi finds acceptance.

Monster Mash Ep 08 - The Representative

Join Lizard and Storm as they discuss a new type of warlock for your listening pleasure. Sometimes an entity doesn't have enough Magic to be a warlock patreon for a number of people... so they choose a Representative.

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