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Soda Break - A Wild Johnny Appears From the Grass!

In today's Soda Break, we welcome a new player in Syd's brother Johnny! This one was a bit more off topic as Johnny acclimated himself to the group but it includes such topics as: How would a Cleric kill it's God, Damn it Barry Allen, and A Seeing Eye Chimera. 

Monster Mash Ep 07 - Laser Luis’s Dire Creatures

A special episode which deserves some thanks to Lasers and Liches Design Laser Luis!
He has given us the the ok to look at his many creations and figure out some traits for such monsters as the Dire Platypus, Dire Moose and much much more!
Stay tuned after the episode for an announcement about our publishing schedule and a new member joining the cast of our podcast.

Monster Mash Ep 06 - Welcome to Aerlandys

On today's Monster Mash, Storm and Lizard talk to Special Guest EriK from Adventurers with Attitude about his current attempt to homebrew a private campaign in the land of Aerlandys and go over some of the steps to making your own world for DnD play as well as discuss his ideas.

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