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Monster Mash Ep 05 - Mimic House

Lizard and Storm try a new format where they make a monster and an adventure in one! The first edition of Monster Mash Settings brings our makers to the most horrible thought of all. What if it wasn't a chest or chair or weapon trying to eat you but the very house you bought for a lark Omnomnom? 

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 06 - I Learned It from You

Our mixmash team of henshins have managed to survive the battle before them... but now they must mend the wounds of the past if they're ever going to work together.
Thebesi extends a hand to the unknown.
Marcus shows his colors as a Red Henshin.
Gabbi finds something she never expected: Friendship.

Adventurers with Attitude Ep 05 - Is It Down Yet?

As our heroes race to the museum, a new ally and a new threat raise their heads! Can these three henshin work as a team or is this adventure doomed to an early end?
Thebesi's got a gun.
Marcus shows his true potential.
Devouranger Indigo shows her face.
**Next week will be a skipped week then we should return the following Tuesday**

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 04 - You’re a Henshin, that’s your Partner!

Things get from bad to worse as Marcus's greatest fears come true. Bonemeister and his army have been released from the Spike of No Dice and there are no true henshin left to fight... or is there?
Thebesi rolls with the situation as she suits up.
Marcus follows his gut and outstretches a hand.
Bob takes a chance on the kindness of strangers.

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