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Adventurers with Attitude Ep 03 - That One Time with the Goblin Lady in the Inn!

Our adventurers move forward in the investigation of the Well of Evil. The Restless never stop moving and neither can our heroes if they hope to keep up.
Marcus lays down his sword.
Thebesi takes a hit.
Jarod gets ready to rock.
*Attention Listeners*  We're trying something new with this episode. We recorded an intro and an outro with our new recording equipment that we didn't have when the contents of the episode was recorded. Going forward all episodes will be with the new equipment. 

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 02 - Thats Another Perception Check

In the next episode of Adventures with Attitude, we find our plucky young adventurers confront the potential danger before them as they investigate their lead.
Marcus steels his will and finds the warrior buried inside.
Thebesi deals with a power player.
Bryce defers to royal decree.

Monster Mash Ep 04 - Dire Barracuda or Welcome to Korp’ulance

This Monster Mash is a bit more mismatched as Lizard, Storm, and Special Guest Erik build a monster for my private Campaign Korp'ulance as well as talk a little bit about the setting. Introducing the Undead Dire Clockwork Barracuda, menace of the high seas! As a side note, moving forward episodes will be posted weekly so I don't burn myself out.

Adventurers with Attitude Ep 01 - Setting up Roots

The adventure begins for our soon to be Henshins!
Marcus looks into something for a old friend.
Thebesi struggles with Dog and Squirrels relations.
Bryce struggles with popularity.

Soda Break - To Be Fair That Baby Was a Maggot

A new Soda Break with Monster Mashers Storm and Lizard as we talk about Monster of the Week and our experiences with it.

Monster Mash Ep 03 - Building a Better Monstrosity

The latest Monster Mash in which Storm and Lizard strive to Build a Better Monstrosity. They touch on such classics as the Owlbear and introduce players to a new form of monster!

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