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Tales of the Untold - Backhistory Part 1

A second Play Podcast that will be a part of the Dungeons and Pops verse using the Monster of the Week System!
This and the next few episodes are backhistory segments to develop the characters before plopping them into the mystery.
Keeper Syd leads our 17th century plucky two T.E.X.A.N.S. into a town down by the Loch.
Everett finds himself bewildered by the insanity of Richards.
Lazlo confronts his family's mat.
Lucretia meets a boy.

Monster Mash:The Bouncer

Lizard and Storm talk out their latest creation the Bouncer for all your survival horror style arc needs! An unrelenting beast to be fair.

Monster Mash: Nuklavee

Sean and Newcomers Lizardwizard and Storm discuss the monster making process as they bring the legendary Nuklavee to #homebrew DND life.

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