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Adventurers With Attitude Ep 18 - Trying To Nope My Way Out of Your Boss Fight

As the party of Hodge Podge Henshin prepare to leave with their new ally the former vigilante known as the Teifling, a monster strikes! Can the party survive the swirling gaze of this unknown creature or is this escort mission doomed to disaster?
Makali has potion performance deficiency.
Marcus stands his ground for the people.
Thebesi calls for rationality.
Keelta commits Road Rage.

Promo: Thornvale

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Cover Artwork by:Razberrybi
Songs in this episode:
New Pre-Roll Music by Sean O'Dell
Adventurers with Attitude OP v2 by Erik Segerstrom
Cool Snooping by Erik Segerstrom
Holey Moley! by Sean O'Dell
The Tiefling Rises by Sean O'Dell
AwA Outro by Sean O'Dell

Tashas Kicking Cauldron by Sean O'Dell

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 17 - You Cannot Take the Tiefmobile

Our Hodgepodge Henshin Team starts gathering allies in preparation to their trip to Nidoko. Questions are answered and names are dropped as they gather in Healy's bar, old and new friends getting involved.
Makali fights 1st Person Perspective.
Thebesi recruits a healer.
Marcus defers to an old friend.
Keelta answers the call.

Season 1 Finale
Special guest star Susannah of Thornvale!
Promo: Rolling Misadventures
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Adventurers With Attitude Ep 16 - The Trust Blanket

A child wakes up and the Hodge Podge Henshin team start to consider options of how to proceed with their plans to return them home. Questions are answered and mothers rage over their children's rash choices. 
Marcus makes a call.
Thebesi is impressed by a child.
Myski checks her privilege.

Also includes our first podcast promo from Microphones and Monsters!

Music by Erik Segerstrom.
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Adventurers With Attitude Ep 15 - Marcus Has Concerns

The mixmash henshin team formed out of Assimar Grove find them with an unconscious changeling girl and choices to be made. As they discuss the past, plans are made for the future and a bond is strengthened and solidated.
Marcus finds a team that stands behind him.
Thebesi has questions answered.
Gabbi refuses to forget.
"General Dialogue Music" By Sean O'Dell
Echoing has been fixed!

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 14 - The Roof Is Coming Down On This Musician

Special Patrol Delta has their hands full as they make battle with the abomination that is the Were Dire Jigglypuff. New abilities are revealed as the two Korp'ulance Henshin and their new friend try to save the captured civilians of Nidoko.
Sid rocks out to the best of his abilities.
Aerryn pulls a finisher move.
Ricochet gets close and personal with her Xord.
Special Guest Steph The DM~
"Electric Battlelo" (The Dire Jigglypuff Theme) by Sean O'Dell
"Goodbye for Now" (Arc Epilogue Music) by Erik Segerstrom

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 13 - Bunny and the Boneman

Questions are answered as Aerryn interrogates the Death Metal Ranger in their midst. The party is seperated due to ideology differences as the trio split up and go their seperate ways to try to find the source of the disappearances.
Ricochet finds a new partner.
Sid craves the release of death.
Aerryn makes an entrance.
(Apologies if theres anything missed in editing, let me know and I will fix and reupload)
Theme by Erik Segerstrom
Ending Music by Sean O'Dell

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 12 - He’s Got a Nice Big Hammer, What’s not to Like?

-Arcels Audio Fixed-
Disappearances are amiss and the Special Patrol Delta team is on the case! Speed Henshin Aerryn and Power Henshin Ricochet are joined by a very edgy skeleton as they start their investigation in Nidoko. Can our heroes work together even as they keep secrets from each other?
Aerryn takes a swing at the bootleg industry.
Ricochet invites a friend.
Sid gets ready to rock.
Theme by Erik Segerstrom
Fight Music by Sean O'Dell

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 11 - Is That A Mushroom Cloud?

On a very special Adventurers with Attitude, we take a different look at the dreadful day the Spike of No Dice broke open and the days afterwards! Deputies Ricochet and Aerryn, both Henshins under the mentorship of Patrick the Goddamn Dire Machinist, find themselves with a bonafide mystery as they race to find out the source of the dreaded pillar of darkness seen from a -continent- away.
Ricochet has some apples.
Aerryn intimidates some sea races.
Patrick struggles to keep up.
Sid hears a who?
Special Guest Star Steph, DM of Natural Fun!
Aerryn Theme and new AwA theme by Erik Segerstrom
Ricochet Theme and AwA outro theme by Sean O'Dell

Adventurers with Attitude Ep 10 - The Ballad of Jo’Maddron

 Some special herbs and spices are used to clear the air as Jo'Maddron explains what happened with the mysterious Death Metal Ranger everyone's been hearing about.
Jo'Maddron upstages his sister.
Sid gives a few zombies one hell of a hand.
Athoerzellha fires her lasers a little too enthusiastically...
Kam'Mey rushes in like a pupper.

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 09 - You Seem Mad, Was It Something I Said?

Thebesi confronts her brother and learns harsh truths about her family, her tribe... and both of their connection to the henshin war both past and future. The Wo'nari have been hiding something, is it friend or foe?
Thebesi lays down prohibition.
Gabbi terrifies her new uncle.
Marcus gets a broom.
Still trying some different editing methods to improve quality. Still a work in progress

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 08 - You Wouldn’t Be Much Of An Alchemist If You Poisoned Yourself

Marcus and Thebesi's quest to find a tutor for their young friend reveals new dangers and people to save. The truth of what happened comes to light even as Gabbi gains new addictions. 
Thebesi learns of family betrayal.
Marcus brings a friend a slice.
Bob confesses his sins.

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 07 - Medic of the Pepper

Our heroes take a little down time to prepare for the adventure ahead as Assimar Grove recovers from the horror which happened. Marcus introduces his friends to the nicest ghoomblin you'll ever meet as the group dines at Tony's Pizzeria. There's problems to be fixed but even a veteran soldier needs some down time.
Marcus weighs his choices.
Thebesi defies the laws of Pizza.
Gabbi finds acceptance.

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 06 - I Learned It from You

Our mixmash team of henshins have managed to survive the battle before them... but now they must mend the wounds of the past if they're ever going to work together.
Thebesi extends a hand to the unknown.
Marcus shows his colors as a Red Henshin.
Gabbi finds something she never expected: Friendship.

Adventurers with Attitude Ep 05 - Is It Down Yet?

As our heroes race to the museum, a new ally and a new threat raise their heads! Can these three henshin work as a team or is this adventure doomed to an early end?
Thebesi's got a gun.
Marcus shows his true potential.
Devouranger Indigo shows her face.
**Next week will be a skipped week then we should return the following Tuesday**

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 04 - You’re a Henshin, that’s your Partner!

Things get from bad to worse as Marcus's greatest fears come true. Bonemeister and his army have been released from the Spike of No Dice and there are no true henshin left to fight... or is there?
Thebesi rolls with the situation as she suits up.
Marcus follows his gut and outstretches a hand.
Bob takes a chance on the kindness of strangers.

Adventurers with Attitude Ep 03 - That One Time with the Goblin Lady in the Inn!

Our adventurers move forward in the investigation of the Well of Evil. The Restless never stop moving and neither can our heroes if they hope to keep up.
Marcus lays down his sword.
Thebesi takes a hit.
Jarod gets ready to rock.
*Attention Listeners*  We're trying something new with this episode. We recorded an intro and an outro with our new recording equipment that we didn't have when the contents of the episode was recorded. Going forward all episodes will be with the new equipment. 

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 02 - Thats Another Perception Check

In the next episode of Adventures with Attitude, we find our plucky young adventurers confront the potential danger before them as they investigate their lead.
Marcus steels his will and finds the warrior buried inside.
Thebesi deals with a power player.
Bryce defers to royal decree.

Adventurers with Attitude Ep 01 - Setting up Roots

The adventure begins for our soon to be Henshins!
Marcus looks into something for a old friend.
Thebesi struggles with Dog and Squirrels relations.
Bryce struggles with popularity.

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